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»  July 19, 2011


Blog Post #1500: Happy 89th birthday, George McGovern.


»  July 15, 2011

What the...?  


I've gotta stop faking it
I've gotta start facing it
I'm gonna take my final bow
Then I'm gonna take my place in the crowd
I know I'll get used to it
I've gotta stop acting like a clown

I've gotta start facing up to what I really am
I've got to realize I'm just an ordinary man
I think that I'll just settle down
And take my place in the crowd
I don't want to lie to myself any more

Am I just a face in the crowd? Is that all I'll ever be?
I don't want to be anything that isn't really me
Mister can you tell me who I am?
Do you think I stand out?
Or am I just a face in the crowd?

—The Kinks, "Face In the Crowd", Picture Book (compilation)


»  July 3, 2011


Bedeviled by Bedeviled: It was two years ago today on a Friday before a holiday weekend just after a major iOS release that I made my splash on the iPhone app scene with Bedeviled: The Most Diabolical Sliding Puzzle Ever. A splash, followed by a quick sink to the bottom and my usual discouragement with new ventures that don't pan out.