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»  August 8, 2010

What the...?  

Bimbo Eruption

Grupo Bimbo Logo

Food 4 Less still has the durian fruit in their produce section. While Barbara and I were shopping there today I noticed another less exotic though still amusing import.

When we were in Mexico a couple of years back, I saw the Bimbo bakeries logo everywhere on signs, trucks, and shops. We got a bit of a chuckle remembering Barbara's research a couple decades back to demolish an opposing attorney's argument claiming that "bimbo" wasn't really a derogatory term. I guess it's a good thing he hadn't spent much time in Spain or Mexico or he'd have claimed it just meant "bread".

We wondered at the time how the brand would fare in the US, little knowing that Bimbo was already the corporate owner of well-known US brands like Orowheat, Entenmann's, and Boboli. And now you can get your Bimbo bread here in Portland.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 20:15 -0700